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“Our son was in therapy with Dr. Benjy Epstein for approximately two years. His course of treatment with Dr. Epstein was very successful, and they still maintain their very positive relationship. In our opinion, Dr. Epstein possesses the perfect combination of intellect, intuition, and talent to succeed as a psychotherapist. He has a magnetic personality and communication skills that are very appealing to young people, and simultaneously, has a depth and maturity that garners respect from people at all stages of life. Dr. Epstein is very dedicated to his work as a therapist, is highly professional, and has a wealth of life experience. We highly recommend Dr. Epstein for anyone seeking treatment or consultation with a Clinical Psychologist, either for their child or for themselves.”

“Dr Epstein has successfully treated my son who was diagnosed with OCD. His clinical skills, professionalism, and warmth are unparalleled. My husband and I have absolute confidence in his treatment method. Dr. Epstein has been and continues to be a source of strength and direction for our entire family.”

“During a challenging period in my life, when struggling with issues of worthiness my sessions with Dr. Epstein helped me to explore my thoughts and feelings by giving voice to them. Dr. Epstein’s guidance was instrumental in actively choosing to stand still and BE even though I wasn’t ‘there’ yet. This led me to experience that while I had been in exile from myself, everything I needed to succeed had been right there with me all along, patiently waiting for me to stand still and just BE. The intelligence, integrity and humor with which Dr. Epstein lead me to this awareness continues to be an inspiration to me in both my personal life and in my professional life as a teacher.”